Skills to win in table tennis.

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Skills to win in table tennis.


As a sports fan, games like table tennis may interest you. The intense Olympic Games in particular aroused great attention from people to this sport. This game follows international standard rules. ITTF, an organization that works hand in hand with the Olympic Office management department, has established this organization.

Table Tennis Match Strategy

This exercise is not necessarily difficult to follow. If you understand the basics, then you can understand how to recognize scores and the skills involved in the game. The first thing to consider is that when any player does not hit the wave in front of the net, the wave receiver wins a point. It is a score, because the wave does not touch the side of the receiver, so the receiver is at an advantage. If the receiver fails to hit the ball to the server side, both apply.

When one of the players scores 11 points, the game will be won. For this to happen, the leading player must score 2 points. As the game progressed, sometimes both players scored 10 points. At this point, the person who can score the first 2 points will automatically win.

It takes 7 complete cycles or individual matches to complete a game, and the game is considered complete. Singles in both categories of men and women. The best of 5 games involving two gender teams. In the team’s live event, the leader who won 3 games was the championship.

Table Tennis Tactics

Like most competitions, this sport begins to calculate its score from 0-0. Any player must serve first. As the game progresses, it develops into different modes. The players have at least a chance to serve twice in a row. After this, the receiver is allowed to use. To do it, both players must ensure that the wave touches the table.

Sometimes, the serve ball may not touch the table. It may hit the net, back or clip. When this happens, replay will be performed. Usually, this is called just or letting the service. It will affect the score. Players can serve multiple times. Open, they must ensure that the waves move in or around the net. If this does not happen, score based on the advantage of the server.

The game follows this style, with the players playing waves together. If one of the players fails to hit the ball back, the server will automatically win. The process continues until one of the players accumulates more points.

With the progress of table tennis, you will find that when one of the players reaches 10 points, they will only serve once. This process continues until the game is about to end. If a player scores 5 points, an exchange occurs. This means that both sides will have to change their positions. The game will be played in this way, until such a period of time there will be a clear winner.

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