Tips on how to better improve the level of table tennis.

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Tips on how to better improve the level of table tennis.


From the third person’s point of view, table tennis is two players shuttle table tennis from both sides of the table, trying to score. When you become a part of the game and start the game, you realize that there is a lot of depth in the game.

You must master your racket, understand how to serve, learn to predict the opponent’s movements, and try to score more.

This article will focus on 10 key technologies to help you make rapid progress in table tennis skills. Please note that there is no substitute for constant practice, there is no shortcut to greatness.

Build your own scaffold.

Together with the previous point, assuming you have a basic grasp of the basics of table tennis, creating your own custom table tennis racket is a good practice. In this way, you can better control the direction of the game, even if your skills improve, you will be more accustomed to your racket. Pair the customized table tennis blade with appropriate anti-rotation rubber and soft grip tape to create your unique characteristics.

Compete with various players.

Every table tennis player has a unique game style. Some people may modify their service, some people have subtle differences when returning to serve. Challenge your skills by competing against various players. When you compete with people with advanced skills, you will learn to better predict the multiple actions of your opponent. Regardless of the result of the game, observe and learn some new things that you may not know before the game.

Observe other players.

Life is too short to make all the mistakes, so you should learn from the experience of others. Participate in and observe matches between other players. Observe their postures, hand movement patterns, return to different types of shooting, etc. to understand different gameplay. You don’t have to copy their style, but you can certainly use a few pointers yourself.

Observe your steps.

Even if playing table tennis matches most of your torso area, your footwork is essential to maintain a stance. By mastering and switching footwork techniques according to your needs, you can make full use of the game area without becoming predictable. The pace of professional table tennis matches is fast; therefore, accurately predicting the position of the shot and the wave requires you to be at the right place and time. Excellent footwork can help you get into the best position, hit a shot, and then return to the regular position to predict the next shot.

Improve your reflexes.

Quick response is the dividing line between a decent player and a professional player. Practicing on stage may help you improve, but you will reach saturation soon. If you want to know how to improve your response, you need to take the risk out of the box. By participating in other physical activities (such as cross-training exercises and dodgeball games), you can improve your reflexes outside of table tennis competitions, thereby significantly improving your reaction time and reflex.

Record the game.

You are the best criticized housing company you can get. Record every game you play and let it be the point to rewind and watch it to analyze your game. Observe the required corrections in your position, identify your weaknesses, react to different types of hits, etc. Write down your observations psychologically, and try to correct them in the exercises.

Find a mentor.

The instructor/mentor is someone who has experience and third-person insight. They can observe you while playing games and suggest corrections during the flight. The instructor will consider your play style when suggesting a training plan. Working with a coach will help you focus on areas that actually require work, rather than inventing the reel yourself. Although hiring a tutoring department is expensive, it is an investment that can accelerate growth and improve your skills. Compared with training alone, the time and money invested currently will be recovered in the future.

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